Lorna Chamberlin

Classes are held on the ground floor Mill building:-

  • Tuesday 10 am – 12 noon
  • Tuesday  7 – 9 pm
  •  Wednesdays  10 am – 12noon
  • Wednesday  7 – 9 pm
  • Thursday  10 am – 12 noon

The fee for this course includes £20 for materials and £20 for firing.  Clay and glazes are provided to cover the usual work completed in class (one bag of clay), and then the charge for firing covers this work.  Additional materials (new and recycled clay) and firing can be arranged with the tutor.

While every effort is made to provide facilities for the class that will allow the students to work on their piece during the term, and to have this fired as appropriate, the student undertakes this at their own risk.  The committee and the tutors, however, do their best to help the students to achieve a satisfactory result from their work.   Firing in a kiln is uncertain and so not all the work is completed without damage.  This is especially so when a lot of different work is being fired together.   Adequate shelving is provided for the safe storage of work but as this is a relatively busy shared space,   PACC cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage to student’s pieces of work.

Lorna has a BA (Hons) in design, Edinburgh College of Art and design, specializing in Ceramics and studying printed textiles as a second subject 1985 – 1988. I was awarded The Andrew Grant Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies and went on to get her Post Graduate Diploma in Ceramics at Edinburgh College of Art in 1989. During my time in the Art College I was lucky enough to get an exchange to the Art College in Geneva. Since then I have spent time teaching at Edinburgh College of Art, Triangle Arts Centre and Carrickvale Community Centre as well as making and selling my own work.

The PACC has a fully equipped pottery workshop with kilns. The course caters for students of all abilities.  As a beginner you will learn the basic techniques needed to make all kinds of pottery.  These techniques include pinch pots, as the name suggests, by pinching clay with your fingers,  Slab pots, by joining slabs of clay together, coiled pots and throwing on the potters wheel.  It is a small group with individual attention.  We will also cover clay preparation, slip decoration and glazing.
Once you have learnt these basic skills you then have the tools to make anything in clay and can start your own personal project.  If you already have experience in clay, then come along and start your own project.  The emphasis is on developing ideas and creativity. Or you are welcome to slot into what the rest of the class is doing.

The pottery class is willing to accept students mid-term
Everybody welcome.

To join this class please click HERE which will take you to enrolments on the main PACC website