Basket Making Beginners & Improvers

Tutor: Janice Hall
Mondays 10 am to 4 pm
Term dates: 6/5, 13/5, 3/6, 10/6.  Basically every fortnight four classes in total

Over three terms you will learn the basics of basket making and become familiar weaving with willow.

Classes will run from the second floor of the Poldrate Mill Building. Janice will provide prepared basketry willow for the classes and students will be charged at the end of term depending on the amount of willow each individual has used (approx cost £20) depending on the number of baskets made. As willow is the dominant material used some hand strength is required in the weaving process.

In term 1 (6 sessions), students will make two or three small baskets using the ‘stake and strand’ method of basket making. You will learn how to tie in the slath and make bases using the pairing weave, how to insert the uprights and weave the upset, as well as experiment with different side weaves eg waling and English randing. Baskets will normally be finished with simple trac borders and bow handles.  The emphasis in term 1 is on learning the basics and repetition so the pace is naturally slow.

In term 2, (5 sessions), you will begin to work on medium sized baskets (eg round shopping basket, waste paper basket) and learn some more weaving techniques (eg french randing, slewing). Different borders and handles will also be taught. All of the techniques learned previously will be reinforced in term 2 whist creating baskets at a slightly larger scale. The emphasis is that one of consolidation of previous learning so again the pace is slow.

In term 3 (4 sessions), there will be an introduction to ‘framed basketry’ where you will be able to make a shallow garden trug and small fruit platters. There will be scope for adding more colour or found materials into their weaving. This term is also suitable for new students who have not attended terms 1 or 2 but who would like to try weaving with willow to make simple framed baskets.

About the tutor:

Janice Hall is a basket maker based in Edinburgh and has been making baskets for over 12 years. She weaves a range of traditional and contemporary baskets in willow, rush and other natural fibers. She uses organically grown local willow from Myreside, near Gifford, East Lothian supplemented by Somerset willow. Janice is a member of the Basketmakers Association, the Scottish Basketmakers Circle and the Northumbrian Basketry Group. Her baskets are available to purchase at local craft fairs, exhibitions and direct to customers. To see more of her work see



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