Life Drawing with Andrew Watson

There is one Life Drawing Workshops for Term 3, 7th and 8th May, 10am – 4pm

Third Floor Granary Building

Open to all. You do not need a membership to book a workshop.

This workshops can be booked individually at a cost of £70

Go to the website and ‘workshops’ and book on line or print off a form from there or collect one from the Poldrate buildings

In these classes we will explore drawing from the life figure and focus on:

• how to see and record accurately
• how to experiment with materials
• how to develop a more confident and personal response

Drawing from life is a wonderfully intense way to experience the act of drawing and explore our creative journey.

Please bring a range of materials to the class e.g. A1 or A2 paper, pencils, charcoal, (willow and compressed), charcoal pencil, eraser, drawing ink, pen and nib, a small cheap printing roller, brushes, white paint (water based, acrylic, gouache, even matt emulsion), watercolour set and a palette.

Don’t worry if you do not have all these materials; just bring what you have and you can build up as you go. This list will allow for a wide range of possibilities and lots of fun. Also dress so you will not worry about potentially getting a little messy.

Andrew studied at Edinburgh College of Art and completed a PhD in history of art at Aberdeen university. He has taught drawing and painting in schools for 33 years, including 15 years as Head of Department. He has exhibited his paintings in solo and group exhibitions in England and Scotland. Andrew is based in East Lothian and is currently offering visual arts classes and workshops and art history programmes.

Enrollment for Term 3 workshop is now open. Go to ‘Workshops’ on the homepage of the main website