Kiln Glass 2020

KILN GLASS –   with Mary Frith

 Mondays 7 pm – 9 pm and

 Fridays 10am – 12noon

Poldrate Granary Ground Floor

The fee for this class includes a firing fee of £15 but no material charge is included

While every effort is made to provide facilities for the class that will allow the student to work on their piece during the term, and to have this fired as appropriate, the student undertakes this at their own risk.  The committee and the tutors, however, do their best to help the students to achieve a satisfactory result from their work.   Firing in a kiln is uncertain and so not all the work is completed without damage.  This is especially so when a lot of different work is being fired together.   Adequate shelving is provided for the safe storage of work but as this is a relatively busy shared space,   PACC cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage to student’s pieces of work.

This is a mixed ability class, beginners welcome.  The class will cover fusing and slumping techniques, once the basic skills have been covered the students will be encouraged to develop their own style of work.  Students can choose whether to work with waste glass or with one of the ranges of glass designed for fusing.  The cost of the class covers firing of work but not materials.  There will be some glass available for new students to use in the first few weeks as well as basic tools. Advice will then be given to students about purchasing glass or equipment.

Enrolment opens 2nd December

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