Spinning Jan 2018

There are two classes being taught this term by Isabella Hodge  Spinning’Intermediate’ and Art Yarns. Isabella is a member of the Haddington Spinners and Weavers Group and has extensive knowledge of spinning and sewing and all things textile.


Spinning Art Yarns: Monday 10 – 12noon Ist Floor Poldrate Mill

This class is designed to explore the techniques used to make fabulous and unusual art yarns.
In this class we will use a wide variety of colour, textured, sparkly and unusual fibres to give different and unusual effect in yarns. You will learn how to spin thick and thin yarns, slubs, coils, wraps and beehives. You will learn unusual plying techniques for strength and effect, including knot and wrapped thread plying. The course will also cover wrapping, tail spinning and beaded yarns. Finally we will explore the use of recycled materials such as plastic and paper.

All materials will be provided at a cost of £15 payable directly to the tutor.

Some experience of wheel spinning is required for this course. You will need to be able to spin and ply a basic 2 – ply yarn, do some simple hand carding and know how to wind a skein for finishing. You are encouraged to bring your own wheel (  in good condition, advice is available here) to use or wheels are available to hire at a modest cost. If you have a large whorl or jumbo flyer for your wheel this would be ideal but not essential. All other necessary equipment will be provided by the tutor.

The class will run over 20 hours, 10 x 2hrs.

Spinning: Intermediate

Isabella Hodge,

Wednesday 7 – 9pm in the Poldrate Mill 1st Floor for 10 weeks


This class is aimed at people who know the basics of using a spinning wheel and who can already spin a single and ply a yarn.  The class will start with reviewing the basics of using a wheel and then move on to the use of different draws and plying techniques for spinning different types of yarn. The course will also cover a wide range of fibre preparation techniques including combing and the use of a drum carder, fibre and colour blending, preparing sheep fleece and the use of different finishing techniques.

Both fleece and commercial fibres will be used on the course, please advise me in advance of any allergies.  We will also be handling unwashed fibre on occasion, please advise me if there is any reason (low immune system, pregnancy) you cannot do this.

Materials for the course will be provided at a cost of £15 per term (payable to tutor on first night) to cover all fibres required for classes.  Spinning wheels and other necessary equipment will be available for use during the class, including a drop spindle and all fibres required for classes .   You are encouraged to bring your own wheel to class  but it must be in good working condition, advice on this is available.

The class will run over 10 weeks.

To join one of these classes please click HERE which will take you to enrolments on the main PACC website