Weaving 2018 / 19

Weaving with Marie Henderson  – Four different classes.  See below.

Weaving is on the First Floor Mill Building


I learned to weave when I was a teenager and went on to a weaving school in Sweden.  Have then taught weaving in evening classes in Sweden and now here at the Poldrate.   At the weaving school I was introduced to different braiding techniques and my curiosity has taken me further in this subject.  I’m a member of the Braid Society.  I weave mainly fabric for dress making, and usable items, not pictures. I like combining different techniques in my work.

Weaving: On a 4 shaft loom with Marie Lindqvist

  1. Tuesday 1 pm – 3.30 pm starts 18th September
  2. Thursday 6.30 pm – 9 pm starts 20th September

This class is aimed for either beginners of weaving or weavers that aren’t confident to calculate their material and dress their loom. The class runs over 10 weeks but with 8 classes of 2.5 hrs. The class is mainly for people with their own 4 shaft table loom, we have a few to let over the run of the class.
You will be setting up a woollen scarf as your first project. To get everybody started, this project will be calculated for you and then we will go through it and I will explain how to do the calculation. The following project you will calculate yourself with my assistance.  The yarn cost for your first project is £5.
You will learn how to:
Calculate your material usage; warp up your design; dress your loom; – everything from fitting the warp on to the cloth beam; read your instructions how to feed the warp through the heddles and reed; tie up the weft beam; weave – learn how to read the weaving diagram; how to make bobbins; how to get a nice selvedge; how to finish off your cloth. You will be given handouts with instructions for calculations of warp and weft and other main points for managing by yourself in the future.

Weaving –  Inkle Heddle Braids
Wednesday 1 pm  – 3.30 pm
19th September, 3rd & 24th October,  & 7th November

This class is aimed at people who wish to learn how weave different kinds of bands/braids using a heddle with back strap technique.  We will weave plain band, simple pick – up bands and Baltic style pick – up bands. These techniques create braids / bands that can be used on their own, e.g. for a tie or a belt, curtain tie backs, bag handles or as a decoration on clothing, the uses are endless.

The class will  run over 10hours, every second week, i.e. 4 classes of 2.5 hours.

All materials will be provided at a cost of £5 payable to the tutor.  Tools for use in class, e.g. heddle and shuttles, will be provided by the tutor.

Weaving: Tablet weaving
Wednesday 1 pm – 3.30 pm
26th September, 10th & 31st October,  14th November

This class is aimed at people who wish to learn how to weave braids using tablets. We will learn how to weave with tablets, creating patterns with different techniques.

The class will run over 10 hours, everysecond week, i.e. 4 classes of 2.5 hrs.

All materials will be provided at a cost of £5 payable to the tutor. Tools for use in class – tablets and shuttles will be provided by the tutor.

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