Workshop in Mindful Creativity

‘Ways of Drawing Mindfully’ a workshop by Emma Mackenzie

Saturday February 8th 2020 10 am – 4 pm

Poldrate Granary Building Third Floor

An opportunity to explore personal creativity, through the combined mediums of secular mindfulness practice and art materials.

To register for this class: The full day workshop will cost £35.00 payable in advance upon registration through

Prior experience of either meditation or traditional technical art skills, are helpful but not essential, as the focus of the workshop is the mindful, exploration of our innate creativity and desire “to make our mark.” 

You will need to bring your own art materials which will be specified nearer the time.  These will include the following:-  pencils, charcoal, pastels and paper.  An apron to engage in messy work and a journal for your own notes.


An attitude of curiosity and play are at the heart of the workshop. With a mindful, willingness to experiment, investigate and observe our innate creativity; we will weave together Mindful Ways of practice, drawing and expression. Looking at other artists work, combining short, guided meditation techniques, with exploration of meaningful connection through Mark Making, Line, Texture, Tone, Shape, Form, and Colour. Students will receive individual as well as whole group attention.

Emma is a practising Artist, Mindfulness Teacher and an experienced workshop facilitator. Over the years she has run a variety of art based courses.  She has worked as an art therapist and teacher for many years.

Underpinning all her work is her daily meditation practice and work as an artist.

She aims to offer an environment in which students will feel comfortably encouraged to mindfully, explore, experiment, and discuss their work. We will take time to look at how other artists have employed drawing to express and record ideas.

Methods may include:

Experimentation with a variety of materials, sketchbook and larger scale work, Still-life. Developing emotional and creative composition. Learning from artists techniques /slide presentations, Discussion, Presentation of work, (With some “organic variation,” the Workshop will be developed to match student needs, as they arise.)

“To draw you must close your eyes and “SING!” Pablo Picasso

Enrolment for Term 2 opens 2nd December

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