Kiln Glass 2020 (Self-Help Group)

This group meets on Thursdays 7pm – 9 pm Ground Floor Granary

The fee for this class includes a firing charge of £15

While every effort is made to provide facilities for the class that will allow the students to work on their piece during the term, and to have this fired when complete, the student undertakes this at their own risk.  Adequate shelving is provided for the safe storage of work but this is not a locked cupboard and so there is a risk of damage.  And firing in a kiln is uncertain and so not all the work is completed without damage.  The committee and the tutors, however, do their best to help the students to achieve a satisfactory result from their work.

The contact person for this group is Mary Frith.

This is an advanced group and is not suitable for beginners. Members of the group should have at least five years’ experience of kiln glass work, be familiar with PACC’s kiln glass working practices and equipment, and be interested in developing their skills independently.

Enrolment for Term 2 opens 2nd December

To join this class please click HERE which will take you to the enrolments Page