Acrylic Painting April 2018

Pat Turquand

Pat Turquand is a well known local artist and this is one of our most popular courses, she is self taught and has been teaching at PACC for over fifteen years.

Beginners, intermediates or advanced painters,  ALL are wecome!  Students paint their own choice of subject, there are no limits here.

Pat teaches the Acrylic painting  on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10am – 12noon Third Floor Granary

Students are required to bring their own materials but there are some paints to get you started.  ‘I always suggest a canvas, canvas board or hardboard primed with gesso or two coats of Matt emulsion 20′ x 16″  (larger if wished)’.

Basic paint list :-cerulean or cobalt blue,  ultramarine,  alizarin crimson,  cadmium red, cadmium orange,  cadmium yellow,  yellow ochre,  burnt sienna,  hookers green,  sap green, titanium white (the largest size you can afford as that is the one paint that is used most often)

Selection of bristle brushes, Old plate or polystyrene pizza plate (for use as palette), Cloth or newspaper to protect work surface, Small cake of soap (to clean brushes), Plastic water pot  (large yoghurt carton for example), Kitchen roll

And finally a picture you would like to paint. Make a black and white enlarged copy so that you see the tone rather than colour.




To join this class please click HERE which will take you to enrolments on the main PACC website

Enrolment for Term 3 opens 21st March